‘Yes I am a man,’ physically challenged hawker in viral video posing as a girl confirms


Eniola, a physically challenged hawker who was helped by popular skit maker, Brain Jotter has admitted to being a man.

Jotter had shared his encounter with Eniola who was hawking on the street of Lagos and learned that he is also a makeup artist.

After his conversation with the hawker, Jotter decided to help by transferring N400,000 to Eniola for his makeup business.

A few hours later, however, a blogger claimed that Eniola is a man named Sultan who disguises himself as a woman to deceive people into giving him money.

Reacting to the blog post, the skit maker said “bro deceived us all”.

Eniola in an Instagram Live confirmed his gender to be a man. He also said he acts like a woman because he needs “help.”

“Yes, it is true. My name is Eniola, my parents gave me Sultan and I am a guy. The reason why I am behaving like a girl is because of help,” he said.

When asked what his motive was for dressing up like a woman, he said he was abused by his family as a child despite being born disabled.

He said his mother disowned him and he started to fend for himself by making and selling beads in a beer parlor.

Sultan added that he later thought the bead business was unsustainable so he decided to learn how to do makeup in Osun.

“When I was a child and living with my parents, they always beat me. They give me N20 to go to school and when I get to school, I beg from my friends,” he said.

“When I return home, I am always hungry. When I upset my mother, she always used orogun to beat me. Despite the fact that I was born disabled, she would hit my hand until it started swelling.

“That was when I started realizing that my family did not like me. My mother told me that she had disowned me. So I decided to run away from home.

“I started making and selling beads in a bear parlor. I later thought to myself that this bead business would not be able to sustain me so I learnt make-up in Osun.”

Eniola said he started dressing as a woman to disguise his identity from his abusive family.

He also said when he started his makeup business, a woman refused to pay him because he was dressed like a man.

He added that he decided to continue dressing as a woman to be successful in his business.

“My family members later saw me and started beating me so that is why I started disguising myself so my parents would not recognise me,” he added.

“I started my makeup business and one woman asked me to meet her GMT hotel. I was wearing a unisex outfit that day.

“The woman asked If I was a woman or a man, I told her that I am a man. She asked which hand do I use for makeup, I told her that I could use both hands and it would be nice.

“So I did her makeup that day but the woman did not give me any money. So I thought it was because I dressed like a man and if I start dressing as a woman, maybe my way will open.”



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