Why I walked away from my ‘successful music career’ – Nigerian rapper


Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah has opened up on why she took a break from music. Some years ago it seemed as if she left the music industry when her career was successful.

Eva however stated that unknown to her fans who believed she was rich and living large, she was infact struggling financially.

The Rapper who was very popular at the time further revealed on social media that she had to take a long hiatus because she was ‘burnt, broke and depressed’.

Applauding herself for growing, Eva Alordiah said she took three years off to invest in herself and has been the better for it. In her words:

‘’A few years ago I walked away from a seemingly “successful” music career.

I was burnt out.

Depression had taken an almost permanent seat beside me.

My bank balance was just enough to buy my next meal.

If there was a picture of the phrase “Starving Artist”, it would have been my damn face.

One day, I said “Fuck it! I got myself here, I’m gonna get myself out.”

I invested the next 3 years in relentless self development:

– building my body

– reading ferociously

– taking care of my mind

– investing in online courses

– learning how to make money

– building multiple online businesses

I look back and I swear I wouldn’t change a thing!

Taking responsibility for my shit helped me get my life back.

Today my life is so much better because I was bold enough to say- “Na me fuck up!”



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