‘Japa’: Why I can’t leave Nigeria like others – Nollywood actor


Nollywood actor Kunle Afod has stated that he does not intend to leave Nigeria to live in another country.

During an interview with Sunday Scoop, the 49-year-old Yoruba film actor stated that while people, including his colleagues in the entertainment industry, are leaving the country (‘JAPAying’), he has no plans to join them.

Afod clarified that he does not blame people who want to move. He, on the other hand, believes that we can all work together to rebuild the Nigeria that we all desired.

“I don’t see myself relocating. I have been traveling for a very long time and my last trip was the longest. I was away for a month. I believe travelling is a form of education, so, if the access is there, why not?

“If a Visa is easy to access, people will go out of the country and come back. In that situation, I believe it is only a few that would want to relocate. However, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to relocate because the country is in a mess. But, if we build this country together, I believe things can get better,” Afod noted.

Commenting on his latest movie, the actor stated that it dwells on love and religion.

He said: “It is centred around two lovers who practise different religions but destiny brings them together. The lady is the daughter of a sheik, while the guy is an evangelist. The father of the lady objects to their union.

“I decided to make the movie to sensitise people to the fact that, as human beings, I believe we all are one, regardless of individual beliefs.”



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