Why I approved my son’s burial hours after his death – Mohbad’s dad


Joseph Aloba, the father of Mohbad, has explained why he quickly buried his son.

The 27-year-old singer died on September 12 and was buried the next day.

In a recent interview, Aloba said that in Yoruba culture, it is “customary not to keep a deceased person’s body for long if both parents are alive”.

He said if Mohbad had passed away at an older age, he might have considered putting him in a mortuary.

He also said the land where the singer was laid to rest was his sole property, adding that he had given it to him to build a church.

“In Yoruba land, his corpse is not the kind to be kept when both of his parents are still alive,” he said.

“Assuming he died at an older age, we might have considered putting his body in the mortuary and taking it at a later date. That same night we took him away from there and buried him where we did.

“That land where Mohbad was buried is his only land, that is the only land I know him to have owned.

“Truly he gave me the land to build my church because we had both agreed to build the church there and since that’s the only land I knew him to have.”

On September 14, Aloba revealed that Mohbad had passed away after receiving an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse.

He also urged the public not to blame Naira Marley, Mohbad’s former label boss, for his son’s death.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos, has involved the Department of State Services (DSS) in the ongoing investigation into Mohbad’s death.

The police earlier mentioned the possibility of exhuming Mohbad’s corpse.



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