Impeachment: Investigative panel concludes sitting on Zamfara Dep Gov, to transmit recommendations to lawmakers


The investigative panel constituted by the Zamfara State Chief Judge, Justice Kulu Aliyu has concluded its sitting and is ready to transmit its recommendations to the assembly.

This follows the impeachment proceedings of the Deputy Governor of the state Mahadi Aliyu over misappropriation of funds, gross misconduct, and abuse of office among other things

The panel concluded its sitting after they had given the respondent( Mahadi Aliyu) a two-day legations timeline which he failed to do.

The seven-member investigative panel has assured the public that they will be fair and just to all the parties involved in the matter.

A member of the panel and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Abdul Ibrahim who addressed journalists on behalf of the chairman said, they had given both parties, the opportunity to present their cases and they are going to critically look at the testimonies and documentary evidence.

He said the deputy governor Mahdi Aliyu Gusau who is the respondent on the matter was, however, absent at the sitting.

Ibrahim said the probe panel listened to testimonies and pieces of evidence presented by the Zamfara State House of Assembly which is the complainant on the matter and thereafter went into their own deliberation.

He noted that the panel has three months within which to carry out its assignment and submit its report to the Zamfara State House of Assembly

The lead counsel to the complainant, Nasiru Jangebe addressed the panel and highlighted testimonies and matters for deliberation by the members of the panel.

Another member of the panel said they were not served with any court order, stressing that if they were served with a court order, they would have obeyed it.



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