How I sold APC to Nigerians in 2015 – Tinubu


National leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and presidential aspirant, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Friday recalled how he sold the party to Nigerians as better alternative to then Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led Federal Government.

Tinubu recalled this on Friday when he paid homage to the Ataoja of Osogbo, Oba Jimoh Oyetunji, to receive royal blessings for his 2023 ambition.

The APC stalwart was accompanied by Osun State governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, Senator Ajibola Bashiru, Commissioner for Regional Integration and Special Duties, Olalekan Badmus, and other political personalities.

According to him, “I sold APC to Nigeria. Nigeria you know in 2015 was sick and APC was used as a cure. You believed in us, accepted our commitment. We told you that things that some people could not do, we will effortlessly deliver it, we promise to mend the broken place so that we can all be happy.

“Today, outside the president, we the Yorubas, we are the highest and the most steady tribe that you can count on in the administration. But democracy is sincere to everybody. It is calendared in the constitution that four years is one tenure. And as a president and governor, it is only two terms, except for Honourables and Senators.

“Now the calendar is ticking. It is now the season, the period that Nigeria is looking for solid hope and change for progress, prosperity and growth. We need a lot of jobs, solid education for our children. We need progress for our country. We want somebody that can bring that. We have in our old national anthem that ‘though tribe and tongues may differ, in brotherhood we stand.’ It has come that we must be solid in that. It has come that we must know that it is the same blood that is running in our veins irrespective of tribe and faith. We must have a good attitude for progress and prosperity.

“It is about honest service for our country that will bring progress; that will give us joy and prosperity. To individuals, you must find courage, determination, perseverance, you must find that fellow who will love you, respect you and prioritise national development. I ask myself who is better than me? This prompted me to come out, consult, and be ready to serve the country. I have been going round. I offer myself the opportunity to become the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I have informed President Buhari of this. I told him that I want to step in his shoe and not break a toe. I told him that I want to serve my country to the best of my ability.

“I am the quality that Nigeria is looking for to make this country very great, prosperous and united, not only in Africa but in the world. God has blessed us with all resources; human and materials. The only thing that is needed to streamline it for us is character. We must build that character of determination, resilience and perseverance. We must see ourselves as one nation that will bring prosperity for all. I will not let Nigerians down. I have the brain and capacity. If you hear them saying, can I do it? I am not applying for the job of a grave digger; not race running, I am not a horse. I am not applying for bricklaying. I went to school to study accountancy and management. I am applying for a job of the brain; intelligent thinking; it is a job for someone who is ready to do things right. The job I want to do for Nigeria is for Nigeria to be greater and be proud of our sons and daughters and leave a legacy of unlimited success.”

In the remark of Ataoja of Osogbo, Oba Oyetunji said, “with what I have seen, Tinubu is outstandingly fit, contrary to impressions that are flying around. You sold a good product for Nigeria in 2023. You sold a good product for us in 2015 and subsequently, you sold a good product for us in 2018 in Osun. I am with you. Osogbo is with you on this project.”



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