Ex-BBNaija housemate deletes all s3xy, nude contents online


Reality TV star and event host, Ifu Ennada, has made a striking revelation, announcing the removal of all sultry, sexy, and revealing content from her social media platforms.

The actress cited her recent spiritual awakening and commitment to Christianity as the driving force behind her decision.

In a confession shared during her newly launched YouTube series, Ifu Ennada expressed her realization of the impact her online presence could have on others, particularly impressionable individuals.

Ifu Ennada takes down nude photos, vows to use platform for positive influence
Ifu Ennada.

She emphasized that her newfound faith compelled her to take down any content that could potentially lead others astray.

The 31-year-old personality, known for her bold and sometimes provocative posts, explained that her decision to delete nude photos and stimulating videos stemmed from a deep understanding of her responsibility as a Christian to positively influence others.

According to Ifu Ennada, her primary aim now is to use her platform to spread messages of faith and morality, rather than indulging in content that contradicts her newfound beliefs.

Ifu Ennada further admonished fellow Christians, cautioning against the glorification of sexual exploits on social media platforms.

She firmly stated that any individual who flaunts their sexual prowess online risks spiritual consequences, including condemnation to hell.

A quick check of Ifu Ennada’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts confirms her statements, with all suggestive content seemingly removed.



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